The Patient object containing information about a specific patient

class fhir_parser.patient.Address(lines: List[str], city: str, state: str, postal_code: str, country: str, extensions: List[fhir_parser.patient.Extension])

The address consisting of multiple lines, city, state, postal code, country, and if applicable an extension containing the latitude and longitude

property full_address

The full postal address



property latitude

The latitude if available



property longitude

The longitude if available



class fhir_parser.patient.Communications(communication: List[Tuple[str, str]])

The known languages and communication methods

property codes

A list of language codes



property languages

A list of languages



class fhir_parser.patient.Extension(url: str, value: Union[str, float])

An extension consisting of a url and a value

class fhir_parser.patient.Identifier(system: str, code: str, display: str, value: str)

An identifier consiting of a system, code, display, and value

class fhir_parser.patient.MaritalStatus(martial_status: str)

The marital status, stored as a 1 length string, str() can be used to get the full definition

class fhir_parser.patient.Name(family: str, given: List[str], prefix: List[str])

The name consisting of family, given (can be multiple), and prefix (can be multiple)

property full_name

The full name of a patient



property given

The given names of a patient joined with a space



property prefix

The prefix’s of a patient joined with a space



class fhir_parser.patient.Patient(uuid: str, name: fhir_parser.patient.Name, telecoms: List[fhir_parser.patient.Telecom], gender: str, birth_date:, addresses: List[fhir_parser.patient.Address], marital_status: fhir_parser.patient.MaritalStatus, multiple_birth: bool, communications: fhir_parser.patient.Communications, extensions: List[fhir_parser.patient.Extension], identifiers: List[fhir_parser.patient.Identifier])

The patient object consisting of a uuid, name, telecoms, gender, birth_date, addresses, marial_status, multiple_birth, communications, extensions, and identifiers

age() → float

Returns: The age of a patient as a float

full_name() → str

Returns: The full name for a patient

get_extension(extension: str) → Union[str, float, None]

Gets an extension value (either str or float) based on the extension url, returns None if not available. :param extension: url of the extension

Returns: str or float of the extension or None if not found

get_identifier(identifier: str) → Union[str, float, None]

Gets an identifier value (str) based on the identifier code, returns None if not available. :param identifier: code of the identifier

Returns: str value of the or None if not found

class fhir_parser.patient.Telecom(system: str, number: str, use: str)

The telecommunication method consisting of the system, phone number, and use (for example home/work)