FHIR Parser

FHIR Parser is an elegant and simple FHIR library for Python, built for human beings.

The power of the FHIR Parser:

>> from fhir_parser import FHIR
>> fhir = FHIR()
>> patient = fhir.get_patient('8f789d0b-3145-4cf2-8504-13159edaa747')
>> patient.full_name()
'Ms. Abby752 Beatty507'
>> patient.marital_status
'Never Married'
>> patient.age()

>> observation = fhir.get_observation('4a064229-2a40-45f4-a259-f4eedcfd525a')
>> observation.type
>> observation.components[1].display
'Diastolic Blood Pressure'
>> observation.components[1].quantity()
'76.0 mm[Hg]'


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